geographical change

so, guess what…

2 weeks ago I moved the singapore. BOOYAH! and time has gone very fast. Work has started, I went to Thailand, found a new apartment, and I have gotten lost in the smallest cosmopolitan city of the world countless times (yes, that happened); but above all I am enjoying my time here. I don’t know there is something about this feeling of being a tourist in the city that I live that fascinates me.

Bea and I decided to leave cold (and in my own opinion, boring) Sweden, and relocate our home to warmer climates, and the capital of South East Asia won the bid.

 cultures have always been one of my biggest interests, and I figured some years ago that travelling wasn’t enough, I need to fully immerse and that requires living IN different cultures. That’s what got me started with my globetrotting impulse.

particularly Asia has always been very compelling to me. might be the food, the distance to my home land, or the exotic look of people in this region; but my goal had always been to reach this place and today I’m finally here.

I feel accomplished.

for now I leave you with wikipedia on the city-state Singapore.

pura vida!