The quest to end poverty, by TED

I believe that every human -by the emotional sense of the word- should find a world issue to follow and to act as contributor to solve it. I have chosen world poverty and education, these are the matters that I identify myself with, and that I believe that I have the energy and compassion to make a difference in.

Compassion should not be misinterpreted as pity. Compassion in these terms evokes empathy and attention for those in need, and above all is a demonstration of love for others through uncanny altruism.

This playlist from TED reminds me to keep my purpose alive and motives me to act. Follow the link to watch> The quest to end poverty

To act is to take part in any way, at any level – making donations, volunteering, acting as an ambassador, or creating your own movement. Whatever we bring to the table will be pro for the greater good. There is no contribution too small to make a difference.




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